Steve Courier

Meet Steve Courier, Brewmaster

Steve Courier started brewing SLO Brew beers in 1998, but his history with brewing (not to mention his relationship with SLO Brew) spans back even further. Although Chicago born, Steve moved to San Luis Obispo at the age of 8 and has been a central coast surfer at heart ever since. By 16, he was living the brewers dream by residing in a house with 5 other avid homebrewers and getting his raw materials at a steal from SLO Brew from one of his older roommates employed there.

"Craft beer on the central coast is blowing up! Just as Paso Robles did with wine- we’re going to be a craft beer destination and we’re trying to really own it and help foster the success of each other and the industry as a whole."

- Steve Courier

Unlike most beer drinkers, Steve was lucky enough to skip the cheap American lager phase and grew up only knowing the taste and quality of handcrafted beer. Steve’s journey started with SLO Brew under the original ownership in 1998. When the Paso Robles production facility was bought by Firestone Walker, he gave up any hope of free time to rigorously brewed for both Firestone and SLO Brew before deciding to dedicate his skills solely to SLO Brew in 2015. Steve describes his brewing style as West Coast traditional – he strives for clean, reverent versions of classic styles only adding a “slight West Coast tweak”.

His current favorite trend in the craft beer world is the focus and evolution surrounding canned beer which only reinforced our decision to can his outstanding brews. Some of the perks besides beer? Steve has enjoyed tons of musical acts over the years, his favorite live performance consistently being The Mother Hips.