Ty Segall and Freedom Band
Wed February 9, 2022 7:00 pm PST
SLO Brew Rock , 855 Aerovista Place, San Luis Obispo, CA
All Ages

(((folkYEAH!))) Presents


February 9, 2022

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Rolling out of the mist and dust and silence of time,Ty Segall is behind the wheel of a sleek new ride, a confetti of pagestorn from his ongoing saga blizzarding into the air behind him. With Harmonizer, his first album in two years,Ty glides smoothly into unexpected territory, right where he likes to find himself! Responding to the challenge his new songs gave him: a synthtastic production redesign,Ty kicks back with bottom-heavy creativity, dialing up a wealth of guitar and keyboard settings to do the deed. Harmonizeris a glossy,barely-precedented sound for him, and truth, it enraptures the ear—but inTy’s hands, the sound is also a tool that allows him to cut through dense undergrowth, making for some ofhis cleanest songs and starkest ideas to date. Harmonizer’sproduction model couches tightly-controlled beats in thick keyboard textures, with direct-input guitar signal whining and buzzing purposefully from left to right.The FreedomBand appear all over the record, but often one at a time,their contributions leaving a distinctive footprint on the pro-ceedings wherever they appear. Operating in this airtight environment withan eye towards precision, feel, and explosive mass,Ty’s crafted a formidable listening encounter—and once you get between the lines, the need to know more grows more compelling with every song.The thing about closed doors is they need opening again, no matter what happens. You open them and then you can pass through them. And there’slight on the other side. That’s what this album is about.